Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puddle Jumping!

I have no idea what I'm doing blogging but here we go....I'm jumping in! My purpose in blogging is to share
ideas, projects and other random things with you that I come across at MudPuddleRoo. One of the artists here at the Puddle, Erin Fitzgerald, has a blog that I find so fun. Erin shares art projects around her home as well as other decorating ideas and I just enjoy the idea.

The most exciting news for today, so far, is that we will be running a commercial soon with OnMedia. I met with a Creative Services Producer this morning to give him a taste of what the Puddle is all about. The commercials will run in October, November and December. Let's hope this helps bring in many new faces to MudPuddleRoo so that we can continue to support local artists, FairTrade and the downtown.

Speaking of downtown, who has favorite memories of shopping in downtown Moline? I remember watching movies with my sister at the Paradise, saving money to buy an outfit from The Fashion, shoes from Carson, of course a purse with my name on it from the Luggage Shop and drinking Cokes at the New York Store. Later I furnished my son's nursery with items from JC Penney and the Hallmark store.

So it's 9:55 am and time to open the store. I hope this blog will inspire as well as educate and that you will enjoy Jumping In The Puddle.